Habitat – a Photographic essay

HABITAT is a photographic essay of composite artworks, and my ongoing research committed to the delicate balance between human beings and their natural environment. I wonder what place we occupy in this complex and amazing ecological system, and whether we are able to do it in such a way that we don’t make our presence impossible.

Each image is composed of dozens of photos, creating a new reality. As a spectator you feel that something is happening that you are not used to, which is actually not right, an almost incredible staging. And so I compose a new moment that may be closer to the desired reality than we experience in the here and now.

Each individual life is connected to the lives of countless other life forms, and so they’re connected to each of us. When we no longer experience that connection, we break the connection within ourselves with the wonderful flow of life. This leads to feelings of alienation and isolation, loss of respect for our fellow human beings and depletion of our own life force, but also opens the way to exploitation of the Earth and nature.

If we live consciously from connection, we will no longer destroy the life around us. You don’t destroy what you feel connected to. The fact that the well-being of the earth, and thus sustainability, now require a commitment from each of us, is gradually being accepted worldwide.

The current widespread crisis, characterized by problems such as climate change and the loneliness epidemic, extreme inequality and widespread lack of meaning, is understood by us as arising essentially from a loss of contact with nature.

In this view, the sustainability issue is the result of the loss of the awareness that humans and nature are part of an interconnected, intrinsically valuable whole. This “inside of sustainability” is just as indispensable for the development of a flourishing, future-proof society as the technical and policy-based “outside.” Restoring our contact with nature is therefore of the utmost importance.

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