Imke over werken met Cas

Sometimes in life we stumble, we fall down, get lost, hurt ourselves or inflict pain to others, even if we don’t want to. Pain and failure are inevitable. It happens to all of us. It happened to me.

I had it all: I did the work I dreamed of as a child, I travelled the world, was super healthy with energy for ten, happily in love and I had more friends than time to spend with.

Then fate took a different turn. I lost everything: my health, my energy, my dream job, the traveling and most of my friends.

How this hell became my journey to healing and recovery is the magic story I tell in my memoire ‘the Tinkerbell Trilogy’ (I will keep you posted on the publication of the books). 

Magic is what we make. Magic is how we turn our pain into wisdom. Magic is the faith that we can turn our shit into our glory. Even if we stumble, fall down, get lost, hurt ourselves or inflict pain to others. Magic is to live and learn and grow into our best and most beautiful selves. And it is the path of each and everyone of us. There is no light without darkness, there are no stars without the night, there is no Tinkerbell without Captain Hook. Magic is what we make if we decide to see the light in our lives, follow the light and become the light.

This photography artwork is made by Cas Slagboom. He is an amazing artist, a photographer, a dear friend, a searcher for light and a magician too. He documents the magic in people’s lives, their light, that which makes them glow. He creates fairytales for each and everyone of us, so we always keep believing in ourselves. He makes portraits of kids or adults, but also of families or with your favorite pet, whatever your preference. He also works for (non-profit) organisations, businesses and governments.

His artwork of myself reminds me of my light, of who I really am. I am so much more than a failure. I am so much more than a schizophrenic. I am so much more than everything I lost. I am a human being who stumbled, fell down, got lost and got hurt (and without a doubt hurt others, without wanting to). I am healing and recovering, from old wounds and self-destructive patterns I didn’t even know I had. I am resting and learning to love myself and take care of myself. I am unlearning a lot of my shit, so what’s left will be the glory. I am a work in progress and will forever be. I am what I am willing to see. And one day, I’ll fly into the world again to sprinkle some fairy dust, just wait and see! 

If you feel inspired, and I hope you are, please have a look at Cas Slagboom‘s work: and let him create a magical photo artwork for you too!

With <3, Tinkerbell

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