Jorine over werken met Cas

WoW!… that was my first response when unveiling the new artwork by Cas Slagboom yesterdayafternoon.
We’ve talked about mankind vs. nature, like in this work where I am representing men vs water: going with the flow or fighting against it? 

This is litteraly still a struggle for me. Where my business #oceaanyoga is all about. As well as my personal quest; do I trust the process or not?… 
Especially in my love/hate relationship with surfing and the Ocean. 
Almost always fighting panic and fear when paddling out, losing contact with the soil beneath me and in facing bigger waves than me rolling towards me… Like dealing with the ups&downs of life itself.

But out of the comfortzone is where the magic happens, in this piece by Cas Slagboom. 
I never liked to be the subject of movies or photos, but here I am a model and that was quite a challenge in itself after New Moon Meditationsis’ Nathalie Nijkamp asked me if I wanted to work with her husband for a new artproject. 
In the end of february we’ve planned the shoot, which worked out smoothly and now all bits and pieces fell together in this work.

Thank you for including me in your artistic quest, Cas & Nathalie and I’d love to keep flowing with you on the side 🙏 #heArt #theartistsway#casslagboom #photography #visualartist #naturephotography#portretphotography #immersiveart #everydaymagic #gowiththeflow

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